Why AppSecOps

AppSecOps helps organizations securely manage software delivery at scale

AppSecOps unifies application security and infrastructure vulnerability management so you can keep pace with DevSecOps

AppSecOps arises from the impact of DevSecOps

Software is delivered in more places, more often than ever before. To keep up, security teams are running siloed security scanners across the SDLC that generate a massive number of alerts. They’re trapped in an Excel hell of manual correlation, reporting, and playing constant catch up.

What is AppSecOps?

AppSecOps is the process of identifying, prioritizing, and remediating security vulnerabilities and risks - fully integrated with existing DevSecOps workflows, teams and tools. It brings together application security across the DevOps pipeline with cloud and on-premises vulnerability management to deliver a holistic approach that improves agility and cross-team collaboration.

An AppSecOps platform enables security teams to scale their impact, remediate and prevent high priority security issues, and identify coverage gaps and overlaps across their ecosystem.
Key benefits

See the power of AppSecOps

By integrating with your existing security scanners and bringing together multiple approaches, AppSecOps unlocks new benefits.
Get holistic visibility into your application security posture with Application Security Posture Management
Correlate and prioritize vulnerabilities across applications, infrastructure, cloud, and containers with Unified Vulnerability Management
Triage and remediate issues in one collaborative workflow with developers with Application Security Orchestration and Correlation
Business impact

Move at the speed of DevSecOps

AppSecOps helps organizations get more out of their existing teams and tooling, increasing efficiency and reducing wasted costs and time.
Improve team efficiency
Release faster
Reduce risk and avoid wasted cost
90% efficiency gains for AppSec teams in triaging issues
33% reduction in developer time spent on remediating vulnerabilities
66% improvement in overall time spent managing vulnerabilities

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