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Aaron Peck
Chief Information Security Officer, Shutterfly
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ArmorCode's intelligent application security platform gives us unified visibility into AppSec postures and automates complex DevSecOps workflows. As a result, we are able to save significant time and effort. Additionally, the focus on growing the platform to meet our needs is a critical driver for us.

Sitaraman Lakshminarayanan
Director Security Architecture,
Guardant Health.

ArmorCode gives us insight into our security posture across all applications, APIs, and microservices in our environment, allowing us to avoid blind spots and improve security. Having this additional insight along with workflow automation significantly reduces our costs associated with fixing vulnerabilities and allows us to provide a safe and secure service for our customers.

Poornaprajna Udupi
CTO, Good Money, ex-Netflix Security
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Every security team wants to leverage open-source software security tools to manage application security. The hard part is the effort required to configure and tune the tools to a manageable signal-to-noise ratio, setting up the workflow automation to establish cross-tool visibility, and visualizing how the company is doing on a spectrum of continuous discovery, remediation, and compliance. It is magical to see ArmorCode combining all three mammoth undertakings seamlessly together!

Upendra Mardikar
CISO, Snap Finance, Ex-American Express, Visa, PayPal
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I had my “aha” moment today. Once I realized I hadn’t known how many applications & microservices were running in our environment, or how many were either not running or activated, I knew ArmorCode was going to help us transform how we executed our application security program.

Robert D. Rodriguez
Chairman, SINET
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Security professionals are going through an unprecedented time as the adversaries continue to accelerate the frequency and sophistication of their attacks which is elevating the importance of securing our global supply chain. AppSec is the Achilles heel that is increasing the need for a unified AppSec platform in order to automate and orchestrate DevSecOps workflows, provide uniform visibility and continuous compliance.

Sangy Vatsa
EVP, CTO, Chief Digital Officer, FIS Global
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In the digital era of customer-centricity and “always-on” capabilities, security & compliance needs to be real-time too. ArmorCode is focused on enabling that vision.

Alok Shukla
VP of Product, ShiftLeft
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We’re excited to be working with ArmorCode to continue our mission to streamline application security. Their goal to simplify and clarify the AppSec stack perfectly complements our platform approach to code security. We look forward to executing on this shared vision together.

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Application Security Posture Management

  • Centralize all AppSec findings (SAST, DAST, SCA, etc) and correlate with infrastructure and cloud security vulnerabilities to get a 360o view of you application security posture
  • Normalize, de-dup and correlate findings to improve risk mitigation efficiency and prioritize the findings that impact the business
  • A single source of truth for findings and remediations from across tools, teams and applications
  • Automate critical AppSec workflows and streamline cross team collaboration to dramatically reduce vulnerability triage and remediation time
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Unified Vulnerability Management

  • Reduce business risk for accelerated software delivery by accelerating vulnerability response
  • Centralize vulnerability information from across the DevSecOps pipeline and infrastructure into a single platform
  • Improve AppSec and Developer collaboration with automated workflows and SLAs integrated into existing DevSecOps systems
  • Boost developer productivity with extensive and extensible knowledge base

DevSecOps Orchestration

  • Workflow automation to ensure you meet, or exceed, SLAs across teams and tools
  • 100+ integrations with application, infrastructure, cloud and container security tools - as well as developer and DevOps systems
  • Boost Developer and AppSec productivity with streamlined cross team collaboration
  • Intelligent, and extensible, knowledge base of security findings and remediations that elevates tribal knowledge within your development organization
workflow automation

Continuous Compliance

  • Continuous evaluation of security posture against key compliance standards
  • Native support for key standards including SOC2, GDPR, FedRAMP, and OWASP Top 10
  • Real-time risk assessment and on-demand compliance reporting
  • One click policy activation and risk-based compliance approach


We already have 150+ integrations. We don't stop at integrations, we enable workflows across them.

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