According to Forrester, Applications are the biggest attack vector. There are three big challenges in application security...

Seeing Fully and Accurately

Do you know how many applications and microservices you have, let alone their security postures?

With innumerable application security tools, trying to find real issues is like finding a needle in a haystack as thousands of false positive, unrelated, and unimportant issues overwhelm already over-burdened teams.


Securing at the DevOps Speed

How often do you release your software and how confident are you about its security posture?

About 70% of organizations release software applications multiple times a month and about 15% release daily or even hourly. Security tools built for the traditional and slower release cycles are now outdated.


Siloed Security and R&D Teams

How often do your Security and Development teams agree on the list of critical problems that need to be fixed?

Disconnected security and development workflows are inhibiting teams from having a common view of critical issues. This leads to severe lack of trust and collaboration. This can quickly become a drag on your agility.

Simplify Your Software Security

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