The Purple Book Community is about connection
Our vision is to connect security leaders and practitioners with a purpose-driven and trusted Community that equips people with the expertise to embrace secure development practices, solve ever-evolving challenges, and ultimately democratize software security.
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What is the Purple Book Community?

The Purple Book Community started out as a project by 30 security leaders to author a book that captured best practices, case studies, and AppSec concerns. After the book was finished, everyone wanted to stay together and the Purple Book Community was born. The goal of the community is to enable organizations on their journey to AppSec maturity. To do so, the community holds live meetings 2x a month, creates blogs and podcasts, and hosts an annual conference called AppSecCon, where thousands of people from 20+ countries come together to participate in sessions over two days.
Members worldwide
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From a founding member of the Purple Book Community

Securing software in a world moving at the speed of DevSecOps is a monumental challenge. I have joined hands with 250+ innovative security leaders to take this challenge head-on, and build a community around it.

This book and the vibrant community supporting it have been designed to create awareness, share challenges, and promote best practices to inspire you to take action.

The Purple Book Community is a place for security leaders, by security leaders. Come join us!

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