DevSecOps orchestration and automation

Improve collaboration to accelerate DevSecOps
Create governance and guardrails for developers in the CI/CD pipeline.

Why DevSecOps Automation?

DevSecOps enables faster software releases and agile development, but security teams are bogged down with manual tasks and an inability to set governance and guardrails at scale. They struggle with the following challenges:

Unlocking the benefits of DevSecOps Automation

The ArmorCode ASPM Platform automates DevSecOps workflows in the CI/CD pipeline, improving supply chain security and eliminating manual processes and cumbersome cross-team handoffs. Key capabilities include:
Create governance and guardrails in the CI/CD pipeline to pass/fail builds
Automate workflows between security scanners and the DevOps SDLC
Boost developer productivity through an intelligent and extensible Knowledge Base
Case study

How an online gifting company force multiplies its AppSec program

Governance and guardrails for your CI/CD pipeline

The ArmorCode ASPM Platform brings speed and agility to DevSecOps. It helps you focus on remediating the security risks that matter, and not on the processes themselves. With ArmorCode, organizations realize:
Better visibility into security scanner coverage across the CI/CD pipeline
Faster application roll-out through automation of approval workflows
Increased security and developer productivity through deep workflow tooling integrations
"Wonderful Product. Highly Satisfied! 5+ Stars"
ArmorCode is a world class platform that is quickly emerging as a leader in the vulnerability management space. It works to manage both application security and infrastructure security vulnerabilities and is a crucial tool for any Security team needing vulnerability consolidation and looking to implement vulnerability management automation.
"Amazing Platform For Managing Appsec And Infrastructure Vulnerabilities"
ArmorCode is a fantastic platform that brings vulnerabilities across dispersed areas into a single place to triage, assign and report. It has simplified workflows for both my application security and infrastructure security team.
"Excellent Product And Company. Highly Recommend!"
ArmorCode is a fantastic product that brings together in a single place vulnerabilities across all platforms and disciplines. It is highly customizable and easy to use. ArmorCode has saved my Appsec and Security Engineers countless hours in managing vulnerabilities from multiple sources and belonging to multiple technology teams.
"ArmorCode Is Certainly The Best AppSecOps Platform Available In The Market"
ArmorCode AppSecOps is definitely a great platform that gives complete visibility into application security postures
“ArmorCode: Comprehensive platform with visibility and integration”
Armorcode is an excellent product for vulnerability management….Overall, this product provides end-to-end visibility, integration and collaboration features to make it a good choice for any company to enhance their AppSec capability.

Seeing is believing.
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