10X Force Multiply Your AppSec Program

Learn how ArmorCode helps companies like Shutterfly, Snapdocs, Snapfinance, and Guardant Health ship secure software and ship it fast

You want to ship fast, but can’t scale your AppSec program fast enough. So, software gets released without adequate security testing. This in turn creates friction between developers and AppSec engineers. It doesn't have to be this way. ArmorCode can help you change this story.

ArmorCode's AppSecOps Platform can simplify and 10X force multiply your AppSec Operations without forcing you to grow your team size by delivering:

  • 90% efficiency gains for AppSec teams in reviewing and prioritizing AppSec issues
  • 33% reduction in developer time spent reviewing, remediating and reporting vulnerabilities
  • 130+ integrations with tools you love + new integrations in a matter of days
  • A scalable AppSec program from scratch whether you have 500 developers or 50,000+ developers

ArmorCode does this by ingesting, de-duping, normalizing, co-relating, and prioritizing findings from various security tools, reducing hours of manual work to a few seconds.

Thanks to the platform architecture, ArmorCode is the only company that provides Application Security Posture Management, Unified Vulnerability Management, DevSecOps Orchestration, Runbook, Knowledge Base, and Continuous Compliance on a single platform!

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What Our Customers Are Saying

ArmorCode's intelligent application security platform gives us unified visibility into AppSec postures and automates complex DevSecOps workflows. As a result, we are able to save significant time and effort. Additionally, the focus on growing the platform to meet our needs is a critical driver for us.
Aaron Peck
CISO, Shutterfly
ArmorCode gives us insight into our security posture across all applications, APIs, and microservices in our environment, allowing us to avoid blind spots and improve security. Having this additional insight along with workflow automation significantly reduces our costs associated with fixing vulnerabilities and allows us to provide a safe and secure service for our customers.
Sitaraman Lakshminarayanan
Director Security Architecture,
Guardant Health.
I had my “aha” moment today. Once I realized I hadn’t known how many applications & microservices were running in our environment, or how many were either not running or activated, I knew ArmorCode was going to help us transform how we executed our application security program.
Upendra Mardikar
CISO, Snap Finance, Ex-American Express, Visa, PayPal

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