Business Value Delivered by the ArmorCode ASPM Platform

LingRaj Patil
August 26, 2022
Business Value Delivered by the ArmorCode ASPM Platform

Agile DevOps, Cloud Deployment, Microservices, and Open Source have all dramatically accelerated application delivery and complexity. Today’s AppSec teams depend on a collection of point security products and siloed manual processes. This makes it harder for AppSec teams and developers to gain visibility into the dynamic application risk surface and remediate it without slowing software releases. The resulting AppSec chaos means applications ship fast without the assurance of shipping securely, leaving the organization at risk of breaches and losses.

The ArmorCode ASPM Platform force-multiplies AppSec and development team efforts while providing the visibility, actionable insights, automation, and integration needed to build, deliver, and scale an effective AppSec program across the entire DevSecOps pipeline.

ArmorCode recently did a study to quantify the business value delivered by its ASPM platform for an enterprise with 600 developers and 5 AppSec engineers. The study revealed the following benefits:

  • 90% efficiency gains for AppSec teams in reviewing and summarizing AppSec issues
  • 33% reduction in developer time spent on reviewing, remediating, and reporting vulnerabilities
  • 66% improvement in overall time spent reviewing and remediating scans, leading to faster releases without increasing the team's headcount

The Top Challenges Facing AppSec Teams

  1. Complexities of modern software development: Modern development is a complex process involving Agile, DevOps, DevSecOps, Cloud development and deployment, APIs, and Microservices architectures
  1. Reliance on third-party components: The increasing reliance on open-source and third-party software components has dramatically increased the speed of application delivery but also the number of vulnerabilities
  1. Talent Shortage in the AppSec space: Enterprises find it difficult to scale and strategize their application security programs with the scarcity of resources

The Solution: ArmorCode's ASPM Platform

ArmorCode’s Application Security Posture Management or ASPM platform helps an enterprise scale its AppSec program to the speed of DevSecOps without having to increase headcounts while leveraging existing tools. ASPM allows developers and AppSec teams to identify, prioritize, and remediate vulnerabilities and risks by fully integrating with existing DevSecOps workflows and tools while freeing AppSec teams and developers from mundane work.

4 Benefits to AppSec Teams

In a study performed for an enterprise with 600 developers and 5 AppSec engineers, ArmorCode saved 427 minutes of AppSec team effort per scan, a 90% improvement over the current setup in which there was no ASPM platform.

These results can be broadly categorized as follows:

1. Eliminating duplicates and focusing on what matters most: ArmorCode phases out manual data clean-up by automatically normalizing and deduplicating findings from various AppSec and infrastructure tools. 

2. Fully automated, dynamic, and customizable reporting and risk metrics:  Eliminating the dependency on static spreadsheets and manual calculations, the ArmorCode platform provides numerous out-of-the-box, persona-based, real-time dashboards and customizable reports.

3. Effective and efficient tools integration: ArmorCode integrates with existing systems like ServiceNow and Jira to produce a single ticket, streamline manual ticketing efforts with no-code automation, determine ticket ownership, and reduce friction between AppSec, development, and testing teams.

4. Simplified streamlining operations and scaling adoptions: The ArmorCode platform enables collaboration between developers and AppSec engineers to ensure checks and balances.

The Benefits to Developer Teams

Developer tasks of reviewing, remediating, and reporting vulnerabilities dropped from 150 minutes to 100 minutes, a 33% savings. When multiplied by hundreds or thousands of developers, these savings add up dramatically. The drivers of these benefits can be categorized as follows:

1. Single Pane of Glass: The ArmorCode ASPM platform helps developers avoid switching between tools such as Jira, Slack, etc., to correlate findings. Instead, findings across security tools are combined into a single ticket, removing the need to deal with unfamiliar tools and multiple tickets.

2. Adaptive Knowledge Base: ArmorCode's Adaptive Knowledge Base is fully customizable to capture an organization's policies, best practices, and available training programs. It boosts developer productivity by cross-correlating tickets, findings, and code commits. This also brings consistency across an organization beset with different practices in its different divisions.

3. Enhanced Collaboration: The ArmorCode platform makes collaboration easier and more efficient, by leveraging automation to connect development and security teams via bi-directional integrations with their native ticketing systems.

4. Unification of Service Level Agreements: The automatic application and unification of SLAs is simplified when vulnerabilities are ingested by ArmorCode's platform. The platform employs reusable templates to enable the administration of different SLAs to appropriate assets/applications.

Release Software Faster with ArmorCode

ArmorCode helps teams do more with less, and release software faster and more securely without having to recruit additional talent. The business value delivered by this automation is a 75% reduction in cost or cost avoidance, compared to an existing setup without the ArmorCode ASPM platform.

Digital transformation means applications are being developed at an increasing rate. New apps deliver numerous business benefits but at the same time, introduce new cyber risks. ArmorCode's ASPM Platform is designed to overcome this challenge. ArmorCode platform is used by fast-growing digital native companies with 200 developers to some of the biggest brands in the world with tens of thousands of developers and 30+ business units. It provides AppSec teams with visibility, actionable insights, automation, and integrations needed to build, deliver, and scale an effective and efficient AppSec program across the entire organization and DevSecOps pipeline; delivering stellar business value faster by force-multiplying the capabilities of your existing security and development talent.

LingRaj Patil
LingRaj Patil
VP of Marketing
August 26, 2022
LingRaj Patil
August 26, 2022
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