Come see ArmorCode at RSA Conference 2023

March 31, 2023
Come see ArmorCode at RSA Conference 2023

ArmorCode will be exhibiting at RSAC 2023. Come see us in the Early Stage Expo at Booth 10!

Rapidly changing software delivery practices have brought applications and infrastructure closer together. The tools and processes behind securing that software have not kept pace however. This is what AppSecOps was created to address. Successful application security practices need to bring people, process, and technology together to enable software development teams to ship secure and ship fast - and this necessitates a new category. 

In essence, AppSecOps brings together ASPM, ASOC, and UVM capabilities together to meet the needs of modern AppSec programs. More precisely:

“AppSecOps is the process of identifying, prioritizing, remediating and preventing Application Security breaches, vulnerabilities and risks - fully integrated with existing DevSecOps workflows, teams and tools” 

Learn more about unifying, prioritizing, and automating your AppSec efforts with AppSecOps

Hopefully it’s clear that scaling AppSec across the organization is key to improving security. If not, we’ll tell you why!

To succeed in AppSecOps, you need an AppSecOps platform, a category of solutions that allows security teams to scale their ability to successfully identify, remediate and prevent high priority findings across applications and infrastructure, as well as identify and eliminate coverage gaps. 

Drop by for an in-depth demonstration and discussion on how our platform can:

  • Improve application security visibility through 160+ integrations across application, infrastructure, cloud, and container security tooling that create a unified understanding of your security posture and coverage. 
  • Increase DevSecOps efficiency through task and process automation for security analysts, developers, and operations engineers
  • Unify application security and infrastructure vulnerability management to more quickly and efficiently scale application security impact, without significantly growing teams, training, or tools.

AppSecOps is the keystone for a successful application security practice - and an AppSecOps platform is how you implement the process. 

Hang out with ArmorCode at RSAC

To learn more about AppSec, AppSecOps, and how our platform can be a 10x multiplier for your security resources, come see us at the Early Stage Expo, Booth #10 at RSA Conference, April 24-26, 2023. 

We’ll also be sponsoring Cocktails in the Clouds at the SF MOMA on Tuesday April 25th from 6:30pm - 9:30pm. Register here to join us!

Unifying Application and Infrastructure Security
March 31, 2023
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